Gift and Loyalty

Gift and loyalty cards are powerful marketing tools that reward repeat business, encourage customer referrals and drive customer spending. XP2™ offers a customizable solution, making it easy for you to benefit from many types of unique card programs. 


The XtremeCard™ offers stored value and loyalty, all on ONE card! XtremeCard™ supports multiple merchant settlement models.

Features & Benefits

  • Businesses that add loyalty programs see a 20% increase in sales
  • Almost 50 million individuals purchased gift cards in the last year
  • 61% spent more than the original amount purchased on the card
  • Gift cards outsell paper gift certificates 4-to-1
  • 83% of Americans use gift cards
  • 54% of gift card users make more than one trip to the retailer to use the card's value
  • 33% of total value is never used or redeemed by the user