XtremeSchool™ is a custom-designed mobile payment and marketing program combined with a multi-merchant stored value and loyalty card to provide students a convenient card for spending and discounts at businesses on, or associated with, their campus.


XtremeSchool™ can help students pay for a whole host of expenses, from meal plans to books to laundry facilities, all while accruing points toward campus rewards. The school can allow sponsoring businesses to participate with the card program by the businesses accepting the card as payment and providing students with discounts and special offers. Each school can determine its own rewards, making the program customizable to the range of schools including high schools, colleges and universities.


  • It securely authorizes credit and debit transactions, as a well as ACH transfers, within a matter of seconds.
  • It provides convenient payment for a whole host of college expenses. Students can carry a physical card or utilize the e-card capabilities.
  • It saves students money by allowing them to take advantage of discounts provided by participating merchants.
  • It brings schools up to speed with the next generation of student spending and payment processing.